10 Great Gifts for NICU Nurses

NICU parents, are you looking for the perfect gift for your favorite NICU nurses?

Look no further!

We’ve assembled the ultimate gift guide for all the amazing NICU staffers on your nice list so you can put together the perfect present to show your thanks and appreciation for the wonderful care they provide for your baby.
The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for NICU Parents

NICU parents can find themselves a little short on holiday cheer…

When you’re exhausted, stressed, and spending most of your days in a hospital room, it’s awfully hard to get into the holiday spirit, so we’ve created the ultimate gift guide to bring some holiday fun to your favorite NICU family.

10 Adorable Ideas to Decorate Your NICU Space

NICU parents don’t have a lot of time to search for design ideas for their little one’s space, so we’ve put together a list of 10 cute, simple ideas to make your baby’s space feel like home. Every hospital has its own rules and regulations about décor, so make sure you run ideas by your nurses before implementing them.

3 Reasons Our NICU Journal is Better Than a Basic Baby Book
Every parent wants to remember their baby's first days, weeks and months, but most parents don’t have to keep track of nearly as many things as NICU parents! Your NICU experience is as special and extraordinary as your family, and Every Tiny Thing is so proud to offer a journal that’s designed specifically for the NICU experience. Available in English and Spanish! 
The Ultimate Checklist: What to Pack in Your NICU Bag
To help keep you comfortable and content during those long hours in the NICU, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of EVERYTHING you need in your NICU bag!
12 Ways to Support a NICU Family

Friends and family members want to help, but they’re often unsure about what they can do to lighten your load which leads to the inevitable question, “What can I do to help?”

This well-intentioned question isn’t meant to add any stress, and yet, it puts the burden on you to ask for what you need. And you don’t need anything else on your to-do list!

5 Easy Ways to Say Thank You to Your NICU Nurse
There are so many ways to show your nurses how much you appreciate them- and never underestimate the power of a simple, “Thank you for taking such wonderful care of my baby.”
How Every Tiny Thing is Helping One Family’s NICU Fundraising Dreams Come True
The Darias are on a mission to bring hope and comfort to families in the NICU by providing at least 70 NICU care packages to all of the NICU families in the Cincinnati Good Samaritan Hospital NICU- and Every Tiny Thing is so excited to help!
The #1 First Year Calendar for NICU Families

Baby’s first year is priceless! It flies by in the blink of an eye and no parent wants to forget any of those precious firsts. In my years as a NICU nurse, I’ve been awed by all the creative ways parents document their baby’s first days, and their ingenuity inspired me to create Every Tiny Thing’s My First Year calendar.

Every Tiny Thing Celebrates EVERY NICU Milestone!
Every parent is proud to celebrate their child’s progress and accomplishments, but those milestones often look very different for NICU families. Instead of first smiles, first time sitting up and first steps, NICU families celebrate huge accomplishments like the first time their baby comes off the ventilator and breathes on their own. 
Where it All Began - The Story of the Bestselling NICU Journal from Every Tiny Thing
I knew from my many years as a NICU nurse that the NICU journey is a truly unique time for families. Whether your baby is a preemie, micropreemie, or full-term baby, there are so many emotions- joy, hope, worry, excitement, frustration, and sometimes fear.