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NICU Essentials Bundle

NICU Essentials Bundle

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The most important tools for making your NICU experience better

It's easy & affordable to get the three most important products every NICU parent deserves to make the NICU experience easier, calmer, and more joyful. 

Our three top-selling NICU-parent favorites are now bundled in an adorable keepsake box, with a total value of $70 for only $50. Because you deserve this!

What's included:

  • "Our NICU Journey" journal -  Know more about your baby and have a greater sense of involvement after just one day of tracking in this journal. Feel empowered to ask questions and keep everything organized. Regain your sense of calm and control. 
  • NICU Milestone Photo Cards -  Document your baby’s amazing achievements from the very first day you have the cards until your first night at home! Write important dates & notes about each milestone on the back. Celebrate today and look forward to tomorrow's achievement.
  • NICU Art Cards - Decorate your baby's NICU bed with adorable illustrations and inspiring quotes! This is the easiest and cutest NICU-approved way to decorate your baby’s first nursery. Make your baby's bed feel special, personal & comforting. Bonus - Nurses love them!
  • All packaged in an adorable must-have "My NICU Memories" Keepsake Box. It's that sweet storage box where you'll love to stash the little ID bracelets, crib cards, hospital hats and more from your baby's NICU days.

Parents just like you tell us over and over again that these 4 items are the most important item's they've found for bringing a sense of normalcy, calm and hope when they needed it most, regardless of the length of their NICU stay. 

So if your baby is in the NICU today, buy this sanity-saving bundle and start feeling better right away. 


PS - Yes, this makes an absolutely perfect gift for any NICU parent! So if you're looking for a powerfully sweet, wonderful way to show a NICU mom or dad that you're thinking of them, this is perfect. If you're looking for a bigger care package for an even BIGGER dose of joy, check out our Deluxe NICU Care Package

PPS - If you want to purchase SEVERAL of these "NICU Essentials" bundles to give as gifts, please visit our "Share the NICU Love" page for more information - it's super easy with big discounts!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Karen Campbell
NICU Essential's Bundle a must!

I purchased this gift for my son and daughter in law when we knew that my grand daughter was going to be spending several months in the NICU after birth. It arrived very quickly, packaged beautifully, and my son and daughter in law loved it. The NICU staff at Cincinnati Childrens hospital was very receptive with the cards and let us decorate the isolette with the picture cards and even took pictures for them using the milestones cards. The parents and all the grandparents read the articles and blogs on this site as well, and learned a lot about what is expected of visitors in the NICU and what our little one needed during that NICU stay. I highly recommend this gift for any parent facing a NICU experience with their baby, not just for premies. Our baby was a full term infant with an abdominal wall defect requiring surgery, but my daughter in law took the advice from the articles and journaled and used every item provided in this gift.

Tori h

Cute idea and perfect for pictures!

She loved this

This was a perfect solution for not knowing what else to do for an old friend

So happy to hear that this made a great gift - thank you so much for your feedback!

Kristina Salyards

I purchased The essential package and I am so appreciative. Not only did it spread hope with the isolate art. But we were able to understand and keep up on all the medical information about our baby. Even the doctors were impressed. The journal helped us retain all the info. And the milestone cards gave us things to celebrate! Love this. Wish I could buy one for every Nicu parent.

Thank you for your feedback. We are so happy that this is making the time in the NICU a bit better for you and your little one.

Debra Unterfranz

My daughter loved the package.
It is a wonderful gift to share some happiness at such a stressful part of her life.

Thank you for your feedback. We are so happy that this is making the time in the NICU a bit better for your daughter!

suzanne walker
Wonderful Gift!!

I got this for my granddaughter who’s little girl is a preemie. Lottie Dottie was 1.4 lbs at birth and now is seemingly huge at 3.1. Still in the nicu and mommy and dad have so many keepsakes already! I do think from the texts I’ve received, mommy is thrilled with this!!

Thank you for your feedback. We are so happy that this is making the time in the NICU a bit better for your granddaughter and Lottie Dottie!

Terri B.
Perfect for NICU Parents

After my daughter's water broke at week 29, she started dealing with the reality that her son would spend time in the NICU as doctors would not let her go past week 34. She discovered this kit online and it has been so wonderful! My daughter and her husband take daily notes in the journal, decorated their son's isolette, and share pictures with the milestone cards. We all celebrate his achievements, and it will help looking back to see how far he progressed. The small victories keep up their spirits and let extended family feel involved in what could be a very isolating experience as only the parents are allowed in the NICU. The NICU nurses at Tufts Medical Center are also big fans. :-)

Thank you for your feedback. We love hearing how our bundle package is helping your daughter and SIL get through this experience. The NICU journey is a tough one that we are so excited and happy to support to try to make easier on everyone. Hopefully everyone will be home from the NICU soon.

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