The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for NICU Parents

wrapped holiday gifts with ribbons for NICU parents

NICU parents can find themselves a little short on holiday cheer…

When you’re exhausted, stressed, and spending most of your days in a hospital room, it’s awfully hard to get into the holiday spirit, so we’ve created the ultimate gift guide to bring some holiday fun to your favorite NICU family.

What are the best gifts for NICU parents? You can bundle a few items together to create a special gift basket, or choose an Every Tiny Thing care package filled with NICU essentials!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Food for the Family

NICU parents are often eating on the fly, and gift cards are one of the best presents you can buy for busy moms and dads. Choose gift certificates for restaurants near the hospital, food delivery services like DoorDash, Uber Eats, or GrubHub, or even the hospital cafeteria!

Snacks are a fun surprise as well!  Put together a basket of mom and dad’s favorite healthy snacks and drinks, and maybe throw in a few holiday cookies for a festive treat.

You could also organize a meal train to deliver home cooked happiness to the family over the holidays.

Memory Makers

The NICU journey is full of special moments and amazing milestones. Help parents preserve these memories for years to come with thoughtful gifts like a journal with an elegant pen, or a My First Year calendar to keep up with appointments, important information, daily details, and major milestones.

You could also gift a beautiful keepsake box to hold those NICU mementos like tiny diapers, hats, ID bracelets and more.

Personal Care Kit

When your baby is in the NICU, self-care has a way of slipping WAY down on your priority list! Keep NICU moms and dads happy and healthy with a care package of products that will help them feel their best.

Unscented lotion, lip balm, and personal hygiene products are lifesavers on those long hospital days. Cozy gifts like blankets, slippers, socks, or a robe can keep everyone comfy and combat the hospital chill. And gift certificates for manicures or pedicures, haircuts, or spa treatments can give a tired NICU parent a much-needed break!

Boredom Busters

Let’s be honest- time moves SLOWLY in the hospital! Give NICU parents some awesome entertainment options to wile away the hours.

Choose your favorite bestsellers (or an Audible gift certificate!), crossword puzzles, sudoku books, playlist, or playing cards to help pass the time on those long days.

A Helping Hand

A NICU stay can be a financial challenge for many parents and they need support. Medical bills and missed work can add up. Not to mention the expenses of driving back and forth to the hospital, eating on the go, and securing childcare for older kids.

Consider giving prepaid gas cards or prepaid Visa cards for essentials. Offer to care for older children so parents can visit the NICU together, or hire a housekeeper, lawn service, or pet care service to help lighten their load.

Showing NICU parents how much you care is truly the best gift you can give, and there are many ways to do that without spending a dime. A simple phone call or visit to catch up and hear about their child’s incredible progress is a wonderful present that money just can’t buy!

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