3 Reasons Our NICU Journal is Better Than a Basic Baby Book

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The NICU is a journey like no other.

It’s a time of strength, resilience, hope, and incredible growth for both parents and baby. It can be exhilarating and exhausting, all in a matter of hours. Every day is new and brings its own triumphs and challenges.

You might have even heard the NICU experience described as a “roller coaster ride,” and with so many ups and downs, that’s hardly an exaggeration!

It’s a LOT for parents to keep up with- and that’s what inspired me to create a journal just for NICU parents.

Every parent wants to remember their baby's first days, weeks and months, but most parents don’t have to keep track of nearly as many things as NICU parents! 

“I wanted families in the NICU to have more than a cute memory book. I knew they deserved a tool that would empower them to organize and track treatments, medications, questions as well as give them a dedicated place to celebrate all those amazing milestones!”

Here's what sets our NICU Journal apart from basic baby books:

No More Writer’s Block!!

NICU parents are TIRED, and very few have the energy to write long, moving journal passages at the end of another busy day. The NICU journal takes the pressure out of journaling by giving you the prompts you need, guiding you to track all the important stuff you may not have even thought to track - things like dedicated space to document your baby’s caregivers each day, lab results and medications, feeding information, progress and accomplishments, and a place to jot down the questions you want to ask. 

This journal is perfect for people who don’t want to stare at a blank page and figure out what to write, who aren’t totally sure what they need to know, who don’t know what questions to ask their nurses and doctors, and/or people who don’t really love “journaling”.

You FINALLY have a place to keep all those details organized!

When your baby is in the NICU, whether full-term or preemie, there’s a LOT going on, and it can be very challenging to keep up with every detail. This journal helps you organize and remember every element of your baby’s care.

Every day, you can note any changes in your baby’s care routine, and remember every outstanding accomplishment. Years from now, when your child has long outgrown the tiny sleepers and itty-bitty diapers, you’ll be so happy that you have a detailed record of your family’s unique and beautiful NICU journey.

You can use it to jot notes during rounds every morning, and then feel confident to speak up and participate in rounds because you’ll know when everything happened. 

And it comes in useful even after your baby is home from the NICU! Many families find that their journal is a lifesaver when it comes to appointments with their pediatrician after the NICU- you can refer to the journal for all the details that your baby’s new doctor needs to know. 

Your NICU journal can be as unique as your baby!

Basic baby books sure are cute, but they’re not really designed to reflect the NICU experience. NICU families celebrate different milestones, and your baby’s amazing accomplishments might not neatly fit into the categories provided by standard first-year journals.

This NICU journal can be customized to fit your journey. Want to add pictures? Awesome- do it, we made room for that. Don’t have the energy to find and print dozens of pictures? That’s okay, too - it looks cute and complete either way. This is YOUR journal, and you can make it ANYTHING you want it to be!

Your NICU experience is as special and extraordinary as your family, and Every Tiny Thing is so proud to offer a journal that’s designed specifically for the NICU experience. Available in English and Spanish! Get yours today!

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