5 Easy Ways to Say Thank You to Your NICU Nurse
There are so many ways to show your nurses how much you appreciate them- and never underestimate the power of a simple, “Thank you for taking such wonderful care of my baby.”
Letter to a NICU Mom on Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you incredible NICU mamas!!!

Whether you’re celebrating your first Mother’s Day or you’ve been a mom for many years, Mother’s Day in the NICU can feel very different from the special day you imagined- but I don’t want you to be discouraged.

Even though this isn’t exactly the beginning you imagined...

How Every Tiny Thing is Helping One Family’s NICU Fundraising Dreams Come True
The Darias are on a mission to bring hope and comfort to families in the NICU by providing at least 70 NICU care packages to all of the NICU families in the Cincinnati Good Samaritan Hospital NICU- and Every Tiny Thing is so excited to help!
The #1 First Year Calendar for NICU Families

Baby’s first year is priceless! It flies by in the blink of an eye and no parent wants to forget any of those precious firsts. In my years as a NICU nurse, I’ve been awed by all the creative ways parents document their baby’s first days, and their ingenuity inspired me to create Every Tiny Thing’s My First Year calendar.

Every Tiny Thing Celebrates EVERY NICU Milestone!
Every parent is proud to celebrate their child’s progress and accomplishments, but those milestones often look very different for NICU families. Instead of first smiles, first time sitting up and first steps, NICU families celebrate huge accomplishments like the first time their baby comes off the ventilator and breathes on their own. 
Where it All Began
I knew from my many years as a NICU nurse that the NICU journey is a truly unique time for families. Whether your baby is a preemie, micropreemie, or full-term baby, there are so many emotions- joy, hope, worry, excitement, frustration, and sometimes fear.
The Best Holiday Gift Ideas for a NICU Mom, Christmas 2021
Are you looking for an awesome Christmas gift for a NICU Mom but don't know what to get her? We want to help YOU find the perfect gift! We've curated thoughtful, appropriate gifts sure to bring a smile. And for easy shopping, they're all available on Amazon or here at Every Tiny Thing. Happy shopping!
How to Show Your Support to NICU families
When a family member or friend has a baby in the NICU, it can be hard to know how to support them. You want them to know that you’re there for them, but you don’t always know what to say…...
How to Use "My First Year" NICU Baby Calendar

To get started with your calendar, fill in the introductory information on the opening pages.

Next, flip to the back where you'll find all the stickers. 

Locate the sticker for the month of your baby’s birth and place it on the first month (it goes over the words “Place Month Sticker Here”). 

Then, start writing down all the details you want to remember!

New Look, Same Mission - Every Tiny Thing is Growing!
Way back in 2014, Every Tiny Thing started out as a small project; it was a fun & creative hobby that brought together my love of supporting NICU families and my interest in design & entrepreneurship. But I’ve always had...
The Ultimate Playlist for NICU Parents
Music is a powerful thing. It inspires you, lifts your spirits, gets you moving, and gives you strength to keep going forward on the hardest days. NICU parents face a lot of ups and downs during their NICU journey, and...
Three NICU-Specific Mindfulness Practices for Anyone to Try
These three meditation practices are simple, beginner ways to bring some mindfulness into your NICU experience. Easy to do for anyone - no meditation experience necessary. Parents with babies in the NICU definitely deserve any strategies available to help them reduce stress, and these are uniquely designed for the NICU
Mindfulness in the NICU - Strategies to Help Any NICU Parent
Mindfulness and meditation can help NICU parents cope with the stress and overwhelm of having a baby in the hospital. This first installment briefly covers how mindfulness may be helpful in the NICU environment, and then additional links to articles with specific exercises to use. Stress-reduction in the NICU.
NICU Resources
We are proud to share our curated list of NICU support groups, NICU mental health resources, NICU breastfeeding support, helpful NICU articles and more. 
2020 in the NICU 🦠 A Pandemic Story
I wonder how many blog posts right now are being started with “Wow, has this been a crazy year or what?!?” Because I know I’m not alone in feeling this way. There's no need to re-hash all the surreal events...
Holidays in the NICU 2020 - Feeling Grateful
Finding the gratitude - Holidays in the NICU, 2020 Edition It’s been quite the year hasn't it?!  Who knew when we rang the bells and clinked our glasses on 12-31-2019 that 2020 would turn out like this? I can tell...
The reality of the NICU
People ask all the time about what it’s like in the NICU. They say “it must be so hard,” “it must be so scary.” And that’s true, to some degree. It is hard, and it scary. And it’s so much...
Solving Preemie Skin Issues - A Partnership between Every Tiny Thing and Beb Organic
I'm delighted to announce that we are partnering with BEB Organic to make their NICU-approved skin products available in our deluxe "Hope & Love" NICU Care Packages.  This line of baby skin care products was developed by Kim Walls, the...
Dear New NICU Mom - Words of Support and Love, From One Mom to Another
Dear New NICU mom, I'm sure your head is spinning, and you may still be trying to recover from the shock of ending up here, as a NICU parent.  Take a moment and breathe.  You might have to remind yourself...
How to Photograph Your Preemie in the NICU
I'm thrilled to share some incredible tips from my friend Jessica who is seriously the best NICU photographer ever. You must check out her incredible gallery of work!   She generously offered to share these tips, originally shared on her website,...
The Best Gift For Any NICU Mom
What to buy for a NICU mom can be a difficult question to answer - our CEO has been a NICU nurse and parent advocate for over 20 years. She shares the most welcome and appreciated presents by NICU moms everywhere. sometimes gifts for NICU mothers can be unintentionally upsetting - make sure your gift is perfect.