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Love it!

This journal is amazing and freaking adorable! I wish I would have found it sooner. I love filling out the different sections each day! It is nice to be able to refer back to previous information, especially being sleep-deprived from pumping and traveling to the NICU. Thank you ETT!

NICU Crib Art

I love these beautiful little cards! I was so happy to see that they were sterilized and safe to put on my baby's isolette! I think it's so cool that they are reversible! Thank you, ETT!!

Awesome gift

I actually bought these on Amazon before finding this website. I bought them for my daughter and son-in-law. It can be a struggle some days and to use these cards to help mark and celebrate the victories and milestones, no matter how small, is precious. I love to get pictures with the cards in them alongside my granddaughter ❤️


I bought this for my daughter. It’s up in my granddaughter’s NICU cubby for all to sign. Great way to be able to remember later all the wonderful people that helped take of our little one.

NICU Water Bottles
Brian Cassoday
Love it!

It’s perfect in every way!

Thanks, Brian - glad you love it!

Great donation item

We ordered 20 of these journals and donated them to the NICU in memory of our son. They are a great item for families looking at long stays in the hospital.

Thanks for sharing your review, Virginia. What a beautiful & meaningful donation in memory of your son!

Precious Gift

I bought this as a gift and the new parents loved it! The nurses at the NICU loved the NICU family tree!

Thank you for the feedback. We are so glad your gift helped the family in the NICU.

Love it, and the care team loves it!

When first arriving in the NICU, I felt an overwhelming amount of gratitude for the care team keeping my baby cared for in a way that I was unable. This is a great way to show your appreciation for each team member, and down the road - this will be a cool way to help tell our baby her story. I bought this myself, but also received the large box as a gift - so I am gifting the extra poster (and NICU milestone cards), to the "Parent Host" to donate to the next family.

Thank you for the feedback! We are happy to hear that the gifts helped during this difficult time.

My NICU Family Poster
Maritza Casias
The nurse and Dr love it too

We have been blessed with an amazing team at our NICU, we wanted our son to remember all those that have work so hard to safe his life. The nurses and Drs loved it. Got delivered in perfect condition and arrived fast


The gift box is filled with thoughtful items to help parents through a stressful time. The journal is helping my daughter during this time. The milestones card remind her to document the important moments.

Thank you for your feedback. We are so happy this is helping your daughter through this difficult time.

Love it

Showed up fast, the nurses all loved it. So happy to have this to show our sweet preemie as she gets older.

Thank you! We are so happy to hear that this poster will make the journey in the NICU and beyond special.

NICU Journal

I love this journal. It has been wonderful to keep up with our little boy’s NICU journey.

Thank you so much for your feedback. We are happy that it is helping you during this tough time.

NICU Crib Art
Sandra Conner
NICU Crib Art

I absolutely loved the crib sheets, so cute and so special

Thank you for your feedback. We are glad that it helped you during your time in the NICU.

NICU Journey

This Journal is a wonderful way for our families to capture their NICU journey. I like to give our parents of our smallest preemies this on admission.

My NICU Family Poster

Bulk Order - Our NICU Journey

Thoughtful Gift

Perfect for parents of a new baby in the NICU. It brings some organization and order to a stressful and scary time. Great, so you don't forget anything when you get a ton of new/changing information.

Quick delivery: I had standard shipping. Bought journal, shipped next day and arrived 4 days later (went across the USA (CA to MA)).

NICU Crib Art
Ashley Andrade

So cute for my little NICU babe. Love the cards in my pictures to celebrate milestones.

NICU Crib Art
Megan Cummings
GREAT product

Thank you so much! Love your journal and it arrived on time.

The perfect "I don't know what to get" gift

As a NICU baby dad. Everyday we celebrate our daughters days and milestone. Anticipating her being home soon. These cards help us share with friends and family our excitement and we plan to donate to the NICU unit so other parents can also share their little ones memories as well. These are the perfect simple gift for any parents of a NICU baby.

NICU Milestone Photo Cards
Brittany & Robin
Five Stars

Having a baby in the NICU is by far the most difficult thing a mom and family have to experience. I love these milestone cards..not a lot of people understand the small victories that take place everyday in the NICU, these cards are a helpful reminder that there’s other people that are going through the same thing. They’re super cute, and definitely bring a sense of “normalcy” to my life with my twin boys-who were born 2 months premature- I also love that they’re able to wiped and cleaned off that way I can clean them between pictures with each boy or if it falls on the ground etc.

The best gift!

These were one of the best gifts we received when our son was in the NICU. They allowed us to celebrate every little victory! The pack of cards includes every milestone you want to capture. They supported us so much, allowing us to see where we had been and all that our son had accomplished throughout our NICU journey. I can not say enough good things about these cards and highly recommend them!

A must have for NICU Parents!

My son was born two months premature due to a severe case of preeclampsia. This journal made it easy for me to document all of his important moments and ups and downs while we've endured the last month in the NICU. The inspiring quotes inside the journal are very cute and encouraging. I'd recommend this journal to any NICU mommy or daddy!

After being blind-sighted by my daughters preterm birth at 28 weeks, a friend gifted me the Every Tiny Thing NICU Journal. This journal helped me feel educated and empowered in an otherwise overwhelming and unfamiliar environment. When I started Penelope Project, I knew I had to get these journals in the hands of as many NICU families as I could! Once parents receive this journal, they finally feel like they can advocate for their preemies. They have a guide on what to track, and questions to ask, taking one small thing off their crowded plate. Our Nurses love handing each new family their journal. They know that the layout lends itself to every parent becoming a NICU expert. Every Tiny thing has been amazing to work with. They make bulk ordering for our NICU Parent Packs a breeze!

-Bryana Miranda
Founder, CEO Penelope Project