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Love it

Showed up fast, the nurses all loved it. So happy to have this to show our sweet preemie as she gets older.

Thank you! We are so happy to hear that this poster will make the journey in the NICU and beyond special.

Wonderful, just what we needed

The milestone cards are adorable and well made! They are perfect for helping parents celebrate all the milestones!

Thank you for your feedback. We are happy to hear that they are helping so many as they go through this tough time. We appreciate you sharing then with so many!

NICU Journal

I love this journal. It has been wonderful to keep up with our little boy’s NICU journey.

Thank you so much for your feedback. We are happy that it is helping you during this tough time.

NICU Crib Art

I absolutely loved the crib sheets, so cute and so special

Thank you for your feedback. We are glad that it helped you during your time in the NICU.

NICU Journey

This Journal is a wonderful way for our families to capture their NICU journey. I like to give our parents of our smallest preemies this on admission.

My NICU Family Poster

Bulk Order - Our NICU Journey

Thoughtful Gift

Perfect for parents of a new baby in the NICU. It brings some organization and order to a stressful and scary time. Great, so you don't forget anything when you get a ton of new/changing information.

Quick delivery: I had standard shipping. Bought journal, shipped next day and arrived 4 days later (went across the USA (CA to MA)).


So cute for my little NICU babe. Love the cards in my pictures to celebrate milestones.

GREAT product

Thank you so much! Love your journal and it arrived on time.

The perfect "I don't know what to get" gift

As a NICU baby dad. Everyday we celebrate our daughters days and milestone. Anticipating her being home soon. These cards help us share with friends and family our excitement and we plan to donate to the NICU unit so other parents can also share their little ones memories as well. These are the perfect simple gift for any parents of a NICU baby.

Five Stars

Having a baby in the NICU is by far the most difficult thing a mom and family have to experience. I love these milestone cards..not a lot of people understand the small victories that take place everyday in the NICU, these cards are a helpful reminder that there’s other people that are going through the same thing. They’re super cute, and definitely bring a sense of “normalcy” to my life with my twin boys-who were born 2 months premature- I also love that they’re able to wiped and cleaned off that way I can clean them between pictures with each boy or if it falls on the ground etc.

The best gift!

These were one of the best gifts we received when our son was in the NICU. They allowed us to celebrate every little victory! The pack of cards includes every milestone you want to capture. They supported us so much, allowing us to see where we had been and all that our son had accomplished throughout our NICU journey. I can not say enough good things about these cards and highly recommend them!

A must have for NICU Parents!

My son was born two months premature due to a severe case of preeclampsia. This journal made it easy for me to document all of his important moments and ups and downs while we've endured the last month in the NICU. The inspiring quotes inside the journal are very cute and encouraging. I'd recommend this journal to any NICU mommy or daddy!

After being blind-sighted by my daughters preterm birth at 28 weeks, a friend gifted me the Every Tiny Thing NICU Journal. This journal helped me feel educated and empowered in an otherwise overwhelming and unfamiliar environment. When I started Penelope Project, I knew I had to get these journals in the hands of as many NICU families as I could! Once parents receive this journal, they finally feel like they can advocate for their preemies. They have a guide on what to track, and questions to ask, taking one small thing off their crowded plate. Our Nurses love handing each new family their journal. They know that the layout lends itself to every parent becoming a NICU expert. Every Tiny thing has been amazing to work with. They make bulk ordering for our NICU Parent Packs a breeze!

-Bryana Miranda
Founder, CEO Penelope Project

Love the books!

Our experience is that NICU families love and appreciate these books. My wife, Patti is an SLP and works with people in the NICU and she is always telling me stories about the people getting the books. There was even one dad who just sat there hugging his book when he couldn't hug his child.

The best thing about these books is that they are like normal baby books but also have all of the extra stuff that parents need to keep track of for a NICU baby. As a former NICU dad (whose 32-week premie baby just graduated college) I can attest to the weird lost feeling that can creep over you as you navigate the sometimes rapidly changing conditions.

I think the cost is very reasonable. I mean we've been ordering and reordering these books for our NICU for years now.

The one thing we had an issue with regarding the nurses and other staff is we just want people to have them but they were being more selective for a while and only giving them to the long-term people. We finally compromised by saying that if anyone else who hadn't received a book asked about them or expressed an interest they could have one no matter what.

The staff seems to be very appreciative of the donation and also seems to enjoy giving them out.

It feels great to drop them off. I try to bring our youngest son along (now 11) and he gets a kick out of it too. He really appreciates the cards we have ordered for each book with his mommie's name on them.

In conclusion, the ordering process is always easy. There was only one time when we needed to buy the soft cover version because the hardcovers were out of stock but people didn't notice. Delivery is fast and the boxes are divided up so they are nice and light so Patti can carry them into the NICU sometimes.

Love the books!

5 stars - perfect gift!

I didn't know what to get my sister when she had her baby 2 moths early, so I got online and started researching. Everything else seemed inappropriate for a preemie in the NICU, but my sister loves to keep lists and write everything down so I knew this was going to be the perfect gift. She completely loves it, she cried when she opened it and started writing in it right away. I know it meant so much to her to have a nice gift that really honors the fact that she's on a tough journey right now. Thank you for making a journal that really helps preemie mamas (and their sisters who want to get awesome gifts!)