How to Use "My First Year" NICU Baby Calendar

To get started with your calendar, fill in the introductory information on the opening pages.

Next, flip to the back where you'll find all the stickers. 

Locate the sticker for the month of your baby’s birth and place it on the first month (it goes over the words “Place Month Sticker Here”). 

Then, start writing down all the details you want to remember!

New Look, Same Mission - Every Tiny Thing is Growing!
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These three meditation practices are simple, beginner ways to bring some mindfulness into your NICU experience. Easy to do for anyone - no meditation experience necessary. Parents with babies in the NICU definitely deserve any strategies available to help them reduce stress, and these are uniquely designed for the NICU
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We are proud to share our curated list of NICU support groups, NICU mental health resources, NICU breastfeeding support, helpful NICU articles and more. 
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I'm thrilled to share some incredible tips from my friend Jessica who is seriously the best NICU photographer ever. You must check out her incredible gallery of work!   She generously offered to share these tips, originally shared on her website,...
The Best Gift For Any NICU Mom
What to buy for a NICU mom can be a difficult question to answer - our CEO has been a NICU nurse and parent advocate for over 20 years. She shares the most welcome and appreciated presents by NICU moms everywhere. sometimes gifts for NICU mothers can be unintentionally upsetting - make sure your gift is perfect.
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Today I'd like to discuss bonding with an infant in the NICU, which is undoubtedly a challenge, particularly if you are interested in using some attachment parenting ideas. Regardless of how you intended to parent, your plans got disrupted by the NICU, and I hope to help shed some light on enhancing your bonding via attachment parenting strategies.
Halloween in the NICU - 20 Great Ways to Enjoy your baby's First Halloween
When your baby's first Halloween happens when you're in the NICU, you can still have a little fun, if you feel up to it. Any opportunity to smile while you're on this difficult journey is a gift, and you have...
Should I Sing to My NICU Baby?
Singing to your baby is a natural and normal thing that parents across all cultures do to nurture & bond with their babies. When everything else about the NICU is so unnatural and difficult, singing is a free, easy & natural way to stay connected with your baby. Lullabies in the NICU are calming, research backs it up.
75 Fantastic Books to Read Aloud to NICU Babies
Reading to a baby in the NICU is a very important bonding activity, and we've brought together a list of some of the very best out-loud reading books for preemies and any baby in the neonatal intensive care unit. These make the best gifts for NICU parents. Take to the NICU leave at the bedside read to your baby daily.
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Doctors would not be sending your baby home if they weren’t confident it was safe, so no monitors are absolutely necessary. But most parents today want to monitor their baby. So we share some simple ways to tell which monitor is best for your preemie NICU baby after graduating from the NICU.
My Typical Daily NICU Routine - A Day in the Life of a NICU Mom
One NICU mom shares the routines that kept her feeling in control and sane while staying healthy. "My son, who I will refer to as “W”, was born at 29 weeks after a sudden onset of PreEclampsia and HELLP syndrome. From the time I arrived at the Emergency Department, to the time W was delivered was less than 7 hours.
Mother's Day as a NICU Mom
Mother’s Day was the first holiday I spent outside the NICU once my son W, a former 29 weeker, was discharged following a 7 week stay. I remember waking early that morning to nurse, and sitting in the rocker in his nursery watching the sun rise and sipping a cup of hot coffee (a life saver, am I right?!) and just think
The Ultimate Gift Guide for Mother's Day in the NICU

It's hard to know the best gifts to buy for a new mother who has a baby in the NICU, because not every gift right for this delicate and overwhelming situation. We have put together a gift list that fits every budget and is sure to help you find exactly the best gift for a NICU mama this Mother's Day!