The Best NICU Questions to Ask
*Print the list and take with you to the NICU* When you are a parent in the NICU, I  encourage you to get in the habit of asking questions, because it is vital to your becoming informed about your baby so you can be her expert, her advocate. It's easier with this big list of great questions for your NICU nurses and doctors.
READ THIS FIRST - Immediate Help For Your First Few Days in the NICU
Welcome to the NICU. You have just been thrown into an overwhelming and scary place, and I'm here to try to help you get a grip on what is happening, how you'll get through it. You're in the right place - this is the first step on an incredible journey. Take a nice deep breath, exhale, and read on. You'll be okay!
Being Your Baby's Advocate in the NICU
Having a baby is overwhelming enough, but when your world gets turned upside down because of a NICU admission you, as a parent, may feel lost, helpless. I encourage you to understand your critical role in your baby's life. The one job nobody else in the hospital can do better than you is being your baby's advocate.