From Grief to Giving: A NICU Awareness Month Fundraiser with Courage In Time Inc

The FUNDRAISER is LIVE! Sponsor one or two or twenty bundles today!

Today I'd like to share the story of another heartwarming fundraiser that I'm proud to be a part of. 

As the owner of Every Tiny Thing, it's both an honor and a privilege to be partnering with Courage in Time Inc. Our shared mission to support NICU families and provide comfort during their challenging journeys is something close to my heart. The story of Lorenzo Francisco Martinez, the inspiration behind Courage in Time, deeply moved us, and we're thrilled to contribute to their fundraiser and the larger cause of NICU awareness.

A Personal Connection

"During our NICU stay, we were gifted products from Every Tiny Thing from a friend and really found comfort and connection with them," said Jillian Martinez, Founder of Courage in Time Inc. The impact of those products, particularly the NICU journal and NICU crib art, meant the world to Jillian and Pedro as they spent precious days with Lorenzo.

"Although Lorenzo only lived for 12 days, I was able to use the journal to document 5 of his earthside days; which is now one of our cherished mementos. We also used the crib cards to make his NICU room feel more like a nursery. It helped us feel connected to our new lives as NICU parents and bond with Lorenzo," Jillian shared.

nicu warrior Lorenzo the inspiration behind Courage in Time

A Meaningful Fundraiser

We're so excited to support Courage in Time Inc.'s fundraiser, which aims to give back to NICU families in a profound way.

"Our hope is that this fundraiser will allow us to give back items to our NICU partners so that families feel the same sense of comfort and connection during their time in the NICU," said Jillian. She expressed that for many families, the NICU experience can be overwhelming, and the fundraiser is a way to ensure they feel seen and heard.

Another Custom Solution to Meet a NICU Support Group's Needs

When Jillian reached out to ask about options for giving our products to NICU families through their fundraising efforts, I knew another custom solution would be best (you can see how we helped Larkin’s Legacy with their fundraiser here).

Once again we have created a custom page in our store so supporters can sponsor a gift directly through our website. This makes the entire fundraising process simple and easy for everyone.

And because it's our mission to make bulk gift-giving as affordable as possible, we are thrilled to be able once again to bring the cost down significantly. 

Each care package typically retails for $50 each, but for this fundraiser we are able to provide them for just $30 each!

Supporting Their Hospital Partners

Courage in Time Inc. has a wonderful network of hospital partners, and we're thrilled to be part of their efforts to support NICUs. Hospitals like Hackensack University Medical Center, Morristown Medical Center, and HSHS St. John's Children’s Hospital, to name a few, will receive donations from the fundraiser.

"Our goal is to fundraise 40 bundles which will allow us to distribute to our NICU hospital partners," Jillian shared. This ambitious goal highlights the impact we can make together, ensuring that families receive the comfort and connection they need during a challenging time.

Beyond that immediate goal, the fundraiser aims to raise awareness about the resources available to NICU families through Every Tiny Thing. "We want families to know they have support, and that they're not alone on this journey," Jillian emphasized.

NICU Awareness Month

Choosing NICU Awareness Month for this fundraiser holds significant meaning. "NICU Awareness Month is a great opportunity to publicly shed light on the care for premature and critically ill babies, families, and the incredible medical staff that cares for them," Jillian explained. This month is a time to unite the NICU community, share stories of encouragement, and offer support to families and staff.

founder of courage in time Jillian with NICU care package gift

A Heartfelt Collaboration

Working with Courage in Time Inc. has been truly heartwarming. Despite the challenging circumstances that led to the formation of their nonprofit, the Martinez family's resilience and dedication have inspired us deeply.

"Working with Every Tiny Thing has been absolutely incredible! Our son Lorenzo never made it home from the NICU and even though our nonprofit focuses on bereavement support for families; we are also healing through honoring the life he did have; which is because of the valiant efforts of a NICU. We were welcomed into the Every Tiny Thing space with open arms regardless of our son’s outcome and that truly means a lot to our family."

In partnering with Courage in Time Inc., Every Tiny Thing is not just providing products; we're joining a compassionate community that believes in the power of support, connection, and honoring the lives of these tiny fighters and their caregivers. Together, we're making a difference, one bundle of comfort and connection at a time.

The FUNDRAISER is live! Sponsor one or two or twenty bundles today!

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