Every Tiny Thing Celebrates EVERY NICU Milestone!

Preemie baby with oxygen in NICU next to "Im going home" milestone card

There is no better feeling than seeing your precious baby hit another important milestone!

Every parent is proud to celebrate their child’s progress and accomplishments, but those milestones often look very different for NICU families. Instead of first smiles, first time sitting up and first steps, NICU families celebrate huge accomplishments like the first time their baby comes off the ventilator and breathes on their own. Or their baby’s first bottle, or one of my personal favorites- the first time their baby can wear one of those precious preemie outfits! 

NICU milestones are different, but they’re incredible and deserving of celebration. That’s why I created a series of Milestone cards to help parents revel in every tiny step forward! 

I started by listing important NICU milestones, then I made an adorable corresponding card for each. Before I knew it, I had a full deck of cards to commemorate every amazing thing your baby does and a plan on how parents could use them.

I teamed up with a graphic designer (who is also a NICU mom!) to create a set of beautifully illustrated cards that adorn nursery walls in NICUs across the country. 

We wanted to create something that NICU parents and NICU nurses could display and include in pictures to share baby’s progress with everyone they love. There are spaces on the back of each card to record important dates and information so you can chronicle your family’s NICU journey milestone by milestone. 

They’ve been a HUGE hit with NICU moms, NICU dads, and NICU staff, and I could not be more thrilled! These cards not only make celebrating each moment more fun, they also help parents look forward to the next milestone with hope and happy anticipation. 

I knew the Milestone cards would be special, but I had no idea how inspiring and empowering they would be to our NICU families. It is such an honor to know that our products are making the NICU journey a little easier for these special families. 

If you’d like to pick up a set of Milestone Cards for your preemie or baby or someone you love, check it out here.

Photo credit: @marinahlucio

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