Benefits of a NICU Graduate Photoshoot
I thought of the idea to photograph NICU graduates to let their story be known. The sessions are styled in a way that shows their journey of being in the NICU, all the challenges they have overcome, and how now, in the present day, they are thriving and healthy. I decided to name these unique photoshoots โ€œThe NICU Warrior Session.โ€
Dear New NICU Mom - Words of Support and Love, From One Mom to Another
Dear New NICU mom, I'm sure your head is spinning, and you may still be trying to recover from the shock of ending up here, as a NICU parent.ย  Take a moment and breathe.ย  You might have to remind yourself...
My Typical Daily NICU Routine - A Day in the Life of a NICU Mom
One NICU mom shares the routines that kept her feeling in control and sane while staying healthy. "My son, who I will refer to as โ€œWโ€, was born at 29 weeks after a sudden onset of PreEclampsia and HELLP syndrome. From the time I arrived at the Emergency Department, to the time W was delivered was less than 7 hours.
Mother's Day as a NICU Mom
Motherโ€™s Day was the first holiday I spent outside the NICU once my son W, a former 29 weeker, was discharged following a 7 week stay. I remember waking early that morning to nurse, and sitting in the rocker in his nursery watching the sun rise and sipping a cup of hot coffee (a life saver, am I right?!) and just think
The hidden blessings of self isolation - a NICU mom's perspective
Today feels eerily similar to the first several weeks being home from the NICU. In this current pandemic from COVID-19, we are all being urged to practice social distancing, to stay home and only go out to the public if and when absolutely feels familiar, like a case of deja vu with my preemie.
Taking your Preemie Home - How to Overcome your Fears and Feel Prepared
While youโ€™re experiencing the emotional high of bringing your preemie home, you canโ€™t help but to feel panic-ridden as well. You are SO not alone. Your feelings and fears are common. It is important that you face those fears with the utmost of confidence, positivity, and strength.
Grief and Depression in the NICU - Finding the Help You Deserve
NICU Mom Guest Post about her experience as a trauma-informed therapist who had preemie twins in the NICU. She offers 7 clear and simple instructions for how to get started finding a therapist to help with NICU related trauma and depression. NICU parents have high rates of PTSD and need help knowing how to get help.
Possibilities and Promises - Surviving NEC and the NICU with Preemie Twins
NICU mother and preemie twin mom Stephanie shares her powerful insight into the struggles she faced when her twins needed to be separated into two separate hospitals. The NICU experience was a profound struggle, with one son requiring surgery for NEC, but through it she learned much. It's hard parenting NICU twins!
Honoring Your NICU Journey with Beads of Courage
Guest blogger Sara Bollinger shares with us her NICU adventures and her personal experience with this inspiring Beads of Courage organization. "I am the mother to a three-year-old son who is a former 25 week micro-preemie. Everett arrived weighing 1 pound 13 ounces and spent almost six months hospitalized