How Every Tiny Thing is Helping One Family’s NICU Fundraising Dreams Come True

Larkins Legacy | Baby in NICU | Fundraiser

A fundraiser from the heart

Larkin’s Legacy is an organization that is very close to our hearts.

The Daria family of Cincinnati, Ohio started the foundation in memory of their son, Larkin, who was born prematurely at 27 weeks. Ali Daria and her husband, Corey, are honoring their son’s lasting legacy by sponsoring the 3rd annual Larkin’s Birthday Fundraising event.

The Darias are on a mission to bring hope and comfort to families in the NICU by providing at least 70 NICU care packages to all of the NICU families in the Cincinnati Good Samaritan Hospital NICU- and Every Tiny Thing is so excited to help!

We share their commitment to making the NICU journey easier and more joyful for all families, so when Ali Daria emailed us to ask about partnering with their Larkin’s Legacy fundraiser, our answer was an emphatic, “YES!”

Every Tiny Thing is the perfect fit for this NICU fundraiser

We chose Every Tiny Thing because while my son was in the NICU, we received the milestones cards that Every Tiny Thing has. We received these cards from a NICU nurse that I met in a support group. Individuals outside the community probably just see these milestone cards as “flash cards” (as someone told me) but in reality, they helped my husband and I celebrate the milestones that our son Larkin beat the odds for. Going back and looking at the photos we have during our son’s Journey, a lot of the milestone cards made their appearance. 

Not only do the milestones cards make an impact on one's stay, but also many other items such as the NICU journal. It really does beat getting a piece of paper and writing down every little thing that the staff is updating you with!”- Allie

Because of the impact our products made during their NICU stay, Larkin’s Legacy is asking their supporters to sponsor NICU essentials bundles for every family in the hospital where Larkin was cared for. These thoughtful gifts pack so much NICU goodness into an adorable yet affordable package.

The fundraiser just began, and already the orders are already pouring in, but they need your help to reach their goal!

It’s such a simple way to share your love and encouragement with other NICU families. All you need to do is click HERE -  that will take you directly to the Larkin’s Legacy fundraising page where you can purchase care packages that will be delivered to Good Samaritan’s NICU in October.

How we created a custom solution for their fundraising needs

After a conversation with Allie and understanding her organization’s needs, we quickly realized that a custom solution was needed. As a small business with a passion to help as many NICU families as possible, we were excited to try something new!

Every Tiny Thing created a custom page in our store so that supporters can sponsor a gift directly through our website. This makes the entire fundraising process simple and easy for everyone.

And because this organization plans to purchase a large quantity of our items to give away as gifts, we are thrilled to be able to bring the cost down significantly. 

Each care package typically retails for $50 each, but for this fundraiser we are able to provide them for just $30 each. They’re thoughtfully designed to include the things that make the NICU journey a little more special and inspiring, like our NICU journal, Milestone photo cards, and our precious NICU memories keepsake box.

Our hope is to provide comfort and hope to those families who are currently in the NICU with their child. We want them to know that they don’t have to feel alone during their journey and that there are resources that can be used such as the milestone cards and NICU journal. When being introduced to this community, I was unaware of how much support, love and care there was between families that are experiencing the same story. We have our son Larkin to thank when it comes to the relationships we built during his stay and while telling his story, relationships such as the one we have gained with Every Tiny Thing! ” - Allie

Every Tiny Thing can help with your NICU fundraising efforts too!

As a small business devoted to serving the NICU community, Every Tiny Thing welcomes the opportunity to find solutions for your fundraising needs. 

Working with Every Tiny Thing has been a wonderful experience. Trish & Stacey both have been so helpful with providing their ideas in ways to make Larkins 3rd Birthday Fundraising event a memorable and impactful one. I felt like when I first reached out to Trish (owner of Every Tiny Thing) that there was no way that I’d get a response due to the fact Every Tiny Thing is well known in the NICU community but look at us now! Making an impact on 70 families and providing both the Every Tiny Thing products & Larkins Legacy mission when supporting these families!” - Allie

We are so honored to work with Darias as they remember Larkin by bringing joy and hope to other NICU families, and we want to keep the love going! If you’d like more information about working with Every Tiny Thing for a NICU fundraiser of your own, please contact

In the meantime, please visit Larkin’s Legacy and sponsor a care package or two to show NICU families how much you care!

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🥳 Larkin's Legacy Has Reached Their Goal! 70 NICU Essentials Bundles have been sponsored and will be delivered in October! Congratulations and all the best wishes to the families and staff at the NICU of Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati Ohio!

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