Every Tiny Thing is Celebrating NICU Awareness Month!

NICU Awareness Month, isolette

September is an exciting month!

We’re moving past the dog days of summer. Kids are heading back to school, the leaves are just beginning to change, and fall is on its way.

There are a lot of great things to celebrate in September, but my favorite is NICU Awareness Month! We take this month to honor all those precious NICU warriors, their incredible families, and the tireless nurses, doctors, and specialists that care for them, and we hope you’ll join in on the fun.

Here are 5 special ways you can celebrate NICU Awareness Month:

  1.       Share your story

NICU graduates are a success story like no other, and your story can inspire other families that are just beginning their NICU journey. If you know a new NICU family personally, take the time to check in, see how they’re doing, and offer advice and encouragement.

You can also connect with other NICU parents and share your story, tips, and support in online support groups and social media pages dedicated to NICU families.

  1.       Nominate a Nurse

Let’s be honest- nurses are the true MVPs of the NICU, and they deserve ALL the accolades! Nominate your favorite nurse for some well-deserved recognition at www.nicuawareness.org/nurtureaward or https://www.daisyfoundation.org/daisy-award/thank-your-nurse-nomination 

  1.     Give Back to Your NICU

NICUs strive to provide groundbreaking new treatments and technology to help their tiny patients thrive, and none of that comes cheap. If you’re able, consider making a financial donation to your local NICU to support their ongoing efforts to provide the very best care.

Another way to give back is to volunteer your time! If you have experienced the NICU personally, consider becoming a peer mentor for Hand to Hold, Project NICU or a local support group. 

Or you could even start a fundraiser - for a little inspiration, see how one family decided to give back in a big way.

  1.       Deliver Care Packages

New families come into the NICU every day, and as you remember, it can be overwhelming… Welcome parents with a care package to make their NICU stay a little easier and a lot more joyful! Visit our bulk discount page to learn how you can share the NICU love with families in your area.

You could also create a care package for the nurses in your NICU. Consider healthy, individually packaged snacks, lip balm, unscented lotion, or gift cards.

  1.       Say Thanks

A simple “thank you” goes a VERY long way! Write a letter to your NICU staff telling them how much they meant to you during your stay. Update them on your baby’s progress and don’t forget to include a picture! Drop it off at the nurses’ station, and know you’ll definitely brighten their day!

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