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Share the NICU Love "NICU Essentials Bundles" for Donation

Share the NICU Love "NICU Essentials Bundles" for Donation

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Want to buy our popular "NICU Essentials Bundles" in bulk so you can give them away?  It’s easy!

Order in multiples of 10 Bundles for great savings. 

Each "NICU Essentials Bundle" includes:

  • One "Our NICU Journey" journal -  Know more about your baby and have a greater sense of involvement after just one day of tracking in this journal. Feel empowered to ask questions and keep everything organized. Regain your sense of calm and control. 
  • One deck of NICU Milestone Photo Cards -  Document your baby’s amazing achievements from the very first day you have the cards until your first night at home! Write important dates & notes about each milestone on the back. Celebrate today and look forward to tomorrow's achievement.
  • One set of NICU Art Cards - Decorate your baby's NICU bed with adorable illustrations and inspiring quotes! This is the easiest and cutest NICU-approved way to decorate your baby’s first nursery. Make your baby's bed feel special, personal & comforting. Bonus - Nurses love them!
  • All packaged in an adorable must-have "My NICU Memories" Keepsake Box. It's that sweet storage box where you'll love to stash the little ID bracelets, crib cards, hospital hats and more from your baby's NICU days.


    These prices INCLUDE FREE SHIPPING in the United States. 

    These bundles are NOT-for-resale when bought at these "Share the NICU Love" discounts.

    A portion of every purchase here at Every Tiny Thing allows us to give back to our "Tiny Partners" - Hand to Hold and Project NICU. Your purchase helps support NICU families in need - thank you!

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