Where it All Began - The Story of the Bestselling NICU Journal from Every Tiny Thing

Premature infant in incubator in NICU with blue onesie

The NICU journal started like many things do- with an awesome idea and a Kickstarter video! 

I knew from my many years as a NICU nurse that the NICU journey is a truly unique time for families. Whether your baby is a preemie, micropreemie, or full-term baby, there are so many emotions- joy, hope, worry, excitement, frustration, and sometimes fear. If you’ve ever experienced a NICU stay you know it’s often referred to as a rollercoaster- up one day and down the next!

And yet, even with the uncertainty, this is a special time full of incredible moments to be celebrated. I wanted families to have a beautiful reminder of their journey- something that was uniquely designed for the NICU experience, and that inspired the journal. 

Traditional baby books are cute, but they’re not always representative of NICU milestones. NICU parents care for their babies in different ways. They may not be able to do everything they had imagined, but they are imperative to their NICU baby’s growth and development. 

Parents call and visit the NICU daily. They track every milliliter consumed and every ounce gained, and they deserve an adorable (and simple) place to keep up with all the important data!

I created the journal with that in mind. I wanted parents to have a place to record their baby’s progress, write down questions, and remember the great days long after they’ve left the NICU. 

The journal also gives NICU moms and dads ideas on how they can interact and bond with their preemie or full-term baby. Whether it’s reading a book, helping nurses with baths or feedings, or just having some special snuggle time, there are countless ways parents can participate in their little one’s care, and record all the precious moments they share. 

Sure enough, the journal was as popular as I thought it would be! 

Our Kickstarter campaign was even more successful than we could have hoped. Not only were parents thrilled to have a baby book just for NICU babies, individuals and non-profits were snatching them up in bulk to share with families as well. 

It was so successful that we raised enough to do a hardback copy, a paperback version, and our Milestone cards! We are so thankful that this one little idea turned into a thriving business that supports NICU families across the country. 

If you’d like to check out the NICU journal for your family or someone you love, visit our journal page.

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