Solving Preemie Skin Issues - A Partnership between Every Tiny Thing and Beb Organic

I'm delighted to announce that we are partnering with BEB Organic to make their NICU-approved skin products available in our deluxe "Hope & Love" NICU Care Packages

This line of baby skin care products was developed by Kim Walls, the founder of BEB Organic. 

Through her research, she learned that preemies who received even the slightest touch therapy would gain almost 50% more weight than those who didn’t! But there was no special skincare to help amplify those benefits. That’s why BEB Organic was born, to support preemies’ especially sensitive skin.

She worked closely with doctors and nurses to research and develop specialized products that support the healthy skin development of babies - especially babies born early. The entire line of products is focused on promoting health, encouraging mindful touch, and creating a better world for our children. That’s why their products are full of nourishment, empty of toxins or harsh chemicals, and overflowing with love.

So as a way to introduce you to this incredible NICU & preemie-focused brand, I've asked Kim to share a few tips about how & when their different products are most helpful.

One day soon, you will probably be kissing away your preemie's skinned knees and little boo-boos. Someday, your grown-up baby will make friends and go to school. But for today, your little one’s skin is probably still learning to deal with everyday challenges and needs nurturing products to heal skin issues while promoting vibrant growth.

Your tiny baby’s skin has a huge job—protecting against toxins, maintaining body temperature, preventing dehydration. But for a preemie’s thin dry skin, those scratches, rashes, and adhesives can leave your baby at risk of infection, scarring, and plain old discomfort.


Tape that holds tubes in place or bandaids that cover pricks from needles need to be gently loosened and removed so you don’t injure your preemie’s tender skin. The BEB Organic Nourishing Oil not only gently loosens, it infuses your baby’s skin with health-building nutrients to help prevent scarring, without leaving a tacky residue. 

Cradle cap—that crusty brown, yellow, or white buildup on your baby’s scalp—should be convinced to come off not by picking at it and possibly causing discomfort, but by moistening and softening. Nourishing Oil is perfect for getting under the cradle cap to loosen it so it comes off easily, then nourishing the scalp with organic ingredients.

Prevent and comfort

Diaper rash develops—from one day to the next—and not only makes your preemie uncomfortable, it opens sensitive skin to infection. Healing that rash as quickly and healthfully as possible is key—adding nutrients that promote skin strength helps your baby grow well. That’s why we created thick and velvety BEB Organic Diaper Balm to keep moisture and germs away from tender baby skin while it soothes inflammation and redness, and reduces pain.

Cool and soothe

From day one until the day it falls off—a dry, curled memory of life in the womb—you’ll care for your baby’s umbilical cord. Exposing it to air and keeping it clean are essential. The BEB Organic Soothing Serum (previously called Healing Gel) is ready to promote your preemie’s growth every day by helping prevent infection, speed tissue growth and repair, and soothe irritation.

You know those mysterious little scratches that make you ask your baby, “Where’d you get that?” Teeny fingernails are sharp! And preemie skin is sensitive. Soothing Serum’s pure ingredients not only help heal that tiny wound but prevent it from becoming irritated and growing into a bigger issue.

Bacteria under those sharp little fingernails can cause infection when it contacts open skin, like when your baby has acne. Baby acne and eczema can make your preemie uncomfortable or lead to infection. Soothing Serum helps clear excess hormones from the skin, balance skin pH, and provide nutrient-rich moisturizing for maximum health and recovery.

Moisturize and strengthen

Who doesn’t know the relief of smoothing on a rich moisturizer when your skin is dehydrated? 

Because preemie skin is naturally dry, BEB Organic created Silky Cream—rich with organic aloe, avocado, cucumber, coconut, flax, and green tea. It’s your baby’s moisture protector, a comforting hug you stroke on. Dehydrated skin not only makes your baby uncomfortable, it weakens their skin’s ability to protect, leaving it more at risk for wounds like scratches or abrasion. 

Adding moisturizers to your baby’s daily health care routine soothes dry skin—especially when that moisturizer is made from organic ingredients that add health-promoting nutrients in every drop.

Cleanse and bond

Bathing your preemie is the ideal time to bond and play. BEB Organic Bubbly Wash not only cleanses, it helps keep your baby’s skin pH balanced and moisturized so it grows well. 

Bubbly Wash is the only preemie-specialized baby wash that’s made with organic ingredients, chosen by hospitals, and trusted by NICU nurses—and it’s always free of bad stuff like toxins and harsh chemicals that can interfere with your preemie’s growth and development. It smells so good, you’ll want to linger, gazing into your baby’s eyes. Speaking of eyes, our Bubbly Wash is ocularly tested and won’t sting them.

Please visit BEB Organic to learn more, and keep in mind that when you give the gift of our Hope & Love NICU care package, you'll be giving a great sample starter kit of the BEB skin products and a BEB gift card to purchase more of whichever you love the most. It's a wonderful way to introduce this preemie & NICU-specific skin care brand to the NICU family in you life! 

Solving Preemie Skin Issues - A Partnership between Every

Kim Walls fulfills her passion to strengthen human connections through the science of touch. Born into beauty as the daughter of a renowned skincare founder, Kim is a purposeful innovator with a track record of bringing unprecedented advances to the world of skincare and wellness as the founder of BEB Organic.

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