75 Fantastic Books to Read Aloud to NICU Babies

Bonding in the NICU is a struggle, but one easy way to connect, particularly when you can't be holding your little one for any reason, is to read aloud to him or her. 


Babies know their parents voices, so hearing you reading will comfort and connect you both. 


Are you worried you'll sound foolish or weird reading to your little baby in the NICU? Believe me - don't worry about it! There are a million weirder things that go on in the NICU every day - reading to your baby is not one of them. 


Why is it a good idea for NICU parents to read to their babies while still in the NICU?



  • Your baby knows your voice, so this is something ONLY you can do. 
  • It's a beautiful thing to do for your baby on days when you can't hold your baby
  • It makes a nice ritual, a tradition, to read the same book every time you visit
  • You can record yourself reading a whole bunch of books and leave the recorder for the nurses to play to your baby when you're not there


These are my personal favorites - it was REALLY difficult to limit it to 75! They are easy to read, have inspiring messages, address wonderful subjects, and are just plain fun. Every one of these books can be purchased on Amazon.com, and a collection of 5-10 would make an incredible gift to any NICU family! Enjoy!

Perfect For Preemies

Some books are ideal for preemie babies, and these are some of my all time favorites. Read these aloud to your little one in the NICU to remind your baby of just how strong and unique she truly is.

Stories & books for NICU Siblings

It can be very hard on the older siblings of babies who are in the NICU, so some incredible authors have crafted some sweet and encouraging books to help. Siblings will enjoy special time with parents learning about the baby, perhaps reading aloud together with the baby (if your NICU allows children to visit). 

Fun to Read Rhyming Books

The soothing repetition of a good rhyming book is not only fun to read, but it can help with language acquisition. So have some fun and help your baby grow!

Adoption and Gay Parenting Picture Books

The NICU is home to families of all kinds, and every family deserves to enjoy proudly reading to their baby about their unique and wonderful family! These are some of my favorites.

Spirituality and Religious Children's Books that are great for NICU read-Aloud

These are some very sweet, easy-to-read books that help you bring your faith to your baby through reading. 

Classic Children's Books that are Perfect for NICU babies

No time like the present to get started introducing your baby to the classics!

Great Children's Bedtime Stories to Read Aloud in the NICU

Having a baby in the NICU can make it seem like the sweet newborn traditions you were looking forward have to wait - but they don't! You can start the beautiful routine of reading a bedtime story to your little one, even when in the NICU. It's calming and soothing for both you and your baby, and it helps get the baby used to the comforting routine that you can continue at home.

Inspiring and Hopeful Stories to uplift during your NICU days

Poetry for Preemies & NICU Babies

It's never too soon to start introducing your little one to the joy of poetry! These are great starters for reading aloud in the NICU.

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