Pay It Forward with Bulk Quantity Discounts

Here at Every Tiny Thing we get requests every day from people who want to purchase items in bulk, and we think that's awesome! 

Are you a NICU mom or dad who wants to pay it forward by delivering gifts to your favorite NICU? 

Are you a non-profit group with a mission to support NICU families?

Are you looking to give the NICU families in your favorite NICU some much-needed hope & cheer?

No matter what the reason for your bulk order - we want to help you help others.

Whether you want to buy 10 or 10,000 items, we're here to help. We have several popular quantities ready to purchase immediately, but if you have another quantity you want to order, just contact us! 

  • Great prices! More than 50% off retail - the more you buy the lower the price

  • Ordering is easy - choose a standard bulk quantity immediately, or contact us for custom quantities

  • We can ship directly to you, or directly to the NICU of your choice

  • NICU families and NICU staff absolutely love these gifts

Who Buys in Bulk?


Most of our bulk orders are placed by thoughtful and caring individuals who want to give back to the NICU they know and love. 

Perfect for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, the anniversary of your baby's birth, or any occasion when you want to help new NICU families feel loved & supported.

NICU Support Groups

Countless incredible NICU non-profits and support groups exist, with a mission to serve NICU families. 

Often that means delivering gifts or care packages, and our high-quality NICU-specific gifts are some of the very most useful and appreciated products NICU parents can receive.


The very best NICUs realize that for a minimal cost-per-patient they can greatly improve the family's experience by giving a journal or other gift to each family at the beginning of a NICU admission. 

It's an incredibly affordable way to improve patient satisfaction and improve parent-staff relationships.

What our Bulk Buyers have to say

Our experience is that NICU families love and appreciate these journals. 

There was even one dad who just sat there hugging his when he couldn't hug his child.

The best thing about these journals is that they are like normal baby books but also have all of the extra stuff that parents need to keep track of for a NICU baby. 

As a former NICU dad (whose 32-week premie baby just graduated college) I can attest to the weird lost feeling that can creep over you as you navigate the sometimes rapidly changing conditions.

I think the cost is very reasonable. I mean - we've been ordering and reordering these books for our NICU for years now!

The staff seems to be very appreciative of the donation and also seems to enjoy giving them out.It feels great to drop them off. I try to bring our youngest son along (now 11) and he gets a kick out of it too. 

The ordering process is always easy. Delivery is fast and the boxes are divided up so they are nice and light. In conclusion - Love the books!

- Barry C 

After being blind-sided by my daughters preterm birth at 28 weeks, a friend gifted me the Every Tiny Thing NICU Journal. 

This journal helped me feel educated and empowered in an otherwise overwhelming and unfamiliar environment. 

When I started Penelope Project, I knew I had to get these journals in the hands of as many NICU families as I could! 

Once parents receive this journal, they finally feel like they can advocate for their preemies. They have a guide on what to track, and questions to ask, taking one small thing off their crowded plate. Our Nurses love handing each new family their journal. They know that the layout lends itself to every parent becoming a NICU expert. 

Every Tiny thing has been amazing to work with. They make bulk ordering for our NICU Parent Packs a breeze!

- Bryana Miranda

Founder, CEO Penelope Project


We're happy to help!